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Being Different in a Different Place

Auteur(s): Wamono, Simon
Taal: Engels
Being Different in a Different Place


Being different in a different place, may expose one to significant challenges. To be at a different location at a wrong time may expose the migrant to high risks. Being different whether by language, accent, dialect, skin colour, character, culture, sexuality, religion, race and body structure among human beings may turn one into a victim of cynicism, bullying, discrimination, marginalisation, unfair treatment, hate or even death. To survive the misfortunes of migrations and being different from other people, one has to form the right associations with the right and good people. The associations you form can transform your life for better or for worse. An association is like a dream or a raindrop from the clouds. If it falls on clean hands, it is pure enough for drinking. If it falls on a filthy dirty ground, its value drops so much that cannot be used even for washing dirty feet. If it falls on a hot surface, it evaporates back into the clouds, If the raindrop falls on a cold surface, it freezes and turns into ice, if it falls on a healthy broad leaf it will shine like a pearl and if it falls on calcite, it becomes a pearl. The raindrop is the same but its transformation depends on its association. If an immigrant has vision, mission, passion and perseverance, nothing is impossible to accomplish and I personally identify with this model of life. Always be associated with people who will push you up the mountain-top instead of pulling you down to the ghettos. Good associations add value to your life and facilitate your full potential to experience your own transformation and self-actualisation.

The decision for anyone to leave one's birthplace into the wilderness with dreams and hopes of a bright future, comes with immense uncertainty and a heavy toll of mind and spirit. It may lead to severe anxiety, depression and despair that can destroy the very dream, hope, vision and mission that one sets up to accomplish and the very family one is meant to nurture and protect.

My story, I assumed, may help some migrants whom I prefer to call Global Citizens, who are loaded with beautiful dreams, knowledge, skills and experiences, seeking to change and improve the world but finding themselves in situations around the world harder and more terrifying than they ever imagined. These Global Citizens who relocate to societies that differ from their own face insurmountable and daunting challenges. The Global Citizens are usually creative, imaginative and hardworking people of the world who just want to contribute and improve global wellbeing of society. In the bid to survive, one has either to fight and risk sudden death, freeze and risk enslavement or flee and risk low self-esteem.

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