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Arise and Shine Ekklesia

Make Your Home a Place Where People Meet Jesus

Auteur(s): Joubert, Dr Willie
Taal: Engels
Arise and Shine Ekklesia


There is a major reformation quietly taking place in our Western society. Millions of people have been moving away from the institutional Church and the trend is accelerating. Contrary to the expectations that those who move away and do not attend church are backsliders, many are not! In fact, a vast number moved out of the Church because they are serious about having a vibrant and living faith. Some have moved away because they were used and abused by the very institutions and leaders they had trusted. Among the believers not attending church, there are many who are not only committed, but well trained and able to lead. To use a biblical picture: Many are outside the fold wandering around like sheep without a shepherd, not unlike the situation Jesus encountered in Israel when he walked the dusty roads and ministered, bringing healing and restoration.

We read how Jesus saw the crowds and had compassion for them. His ministry flowed from his compassion and love. While on earth as a man, he called and trained disciples and sent them forth to meet the needs of many. In his name they in turn ministered, and in time the Ekklesia-those who responded to his call and were baptized and filled with the Spirit-moved from Jerusalem into the world in faith, sharing his message and ministering in his name. As he promised, he showed up wherever two or three were gathered in his name and nothing could stop this movement. Lives were touched and transformed as ordinary people walked in radical authenticity in faith to be extraordinary royal priests. Nothing, not even persecution, could stop them. However, the foundations of this faith were upended when the Roman Emperor Constantine became a believer. He reshaped the Church to be aligned to the Roman State, and the priesthood of the believer was abolished in favor of an earthly caste of clergy ruling over the laity, thus dividing the body of Christ. It led to the Dark Ages, and when the light again broke through during the Reformation, this division remained.

The current quiet reformation is a return to the simplicity of the early Church, and many who are leaving institutional Christianity are responding to the call of the Spirit to walk in The Way. A remnant is being gathered and many are finding that the Lord is true to his word and showing up where two or three are gathered in his name. Ordinary homes are again filled with the Spirit as we meet and minister to one another. Lives are transformed as ordinary people step out in faith to bring hope and healing to the lost and hurting.

This little booklet provides a guide to anyone wishing to make his or her home a place where people meet the living Lord. May you find the courage to step out and be the one to make him known in your community.

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