In gesprek met Jojo Moyes

Donderdag, 23 november, 2017

Geschreven door: Jojo Moyes
Artikel door: Roelant De By

Bestsellerauteur Jojo Moyes was in den lande. Ze had een vol programma maar toch had ze gelukkig wat tijd om een aantal van onze vragen te beantwoorden. Dank aan Uitgeverij De Fontein voor deze mogelijkheid! Helemaal geweldig!!

All your books are about some form of love. Why does this topic fascinates you and inspires you to write such varied (love) stories?
I think it’s because it’s the thing that ultimately preoccupies everyone – how do you find love? How do you keep it? Why do love affairs work and why do they fall apart? And how do you cope when they do?
What is the biggest challenge you have faced so far? 
Too many to list here! But these days my greatest challenge is the juggling involved in my life – at least keeping all the balls in the air. If you have a busy career and a family life it’s easy to feel like you are never doing either of them properly – and I feel permanently bad about not having the time to keep up with all the people I love.

When a book is made into a film, is that a dream come true and are you satisfied with the result? What’s your part in this process? 
It was for me. I was very lucky to be involved both in the writing of the adaptation of Me Before You but also the filming. I loved being on set and working with the director and actors – it’s unusual for the writer of the book to be involved in the film and I feel very lucky.

Looking back on your career so far, do you still have specific wishes? Are there things you would particularly like to write a book about?

I always have at least three or four things I’m interested in writing about – though often I’ll start a book and 20,000 words in realise that it’s just not quite going to work. My next challenge is a television project that I’m working on – it’s a whole new skill I’m having to learn: exciting!

Dat wij bij DPB liefhebbers zijn van Jojo Moyes is te zien in de recensies. 

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